devrock ng site - RELEASE

The documentation of the plugins can be found here
This is modular mind labs's update site for the RELEASE versions of devrock's offering for Eclipse.

The plugins available via this site are regarded as RELEASE versions. That means that they have been through the ALPHA/BETA procedures and that at the time they were uploaded, no issues were known. 

While it is definitively safe to use these plugins, they will not instantly reflect fixes nor do they incorporate new features at an earlier time. 

If you can't wait, quickly need a fix or for any other reason you can't wait for new releases, then I suggest to use the BETA site, here at
devrock's legacy tools
devrock.eclipse.feature.greyface -
devrock.eclipse.feature.mungo.jerry -

devrock's tools
devrock.eclipse.feature.artifact.reflection.builder -
devrock.eclipse.feature.debug.module.nature.builder -
devrock.eclipse.feature.devrock -
devrock.eclipse.feature.file.classpath.launcher -
devrock.eclipse.feature.artifact.container -
devrock.eclipse.feature.model.nature.builder -